Thanks. This recipe is so good and so easy to make. Perhaps the turkey and mixing in the instant pot before being baked in the zucchini in the oven? A keeper in this house! I am in desperate need of an answer as I will FOR SURE be craving these for weeks after I make them. Really good but as written it’s way too long to make for what it is. This is excellent. Sausage Stuffed Zucchini Boats are perfect for summer zucchinis, stuffed with lean Italian chicken sausage, then topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Instead of the chopped tomatoes on top I put a little homemade tomato sauce and sprinkled parm cheese on top. Remove from water. A little spaghetti tossed with the remaining marinara, a fresh salad of roasted beets, grapefruit, butter lettuce and with a citrus viniagrette made for a great meal. I made this last night and it was fantastic! shells. OMG!! My fiance, I call my food critic, enjoyed them so much that he brought them to everyone to taste! It tasted great…..not as wonderful as fresh., but I am happy with results. These tasted great. I forgot…I also made it simpler by microwaving the zucchini halves 2 minutes instead of boiling them. I also used your 'pin it' button for this recipe… I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to YOU, Gina. The zucchini were easy to put together and a perfect "boat" for the sausage stuffing! Shokubi. Perhaps experimenting with these alternatives until you get a flavor you like would be a good starting place. Made with a chicken breast shredded (because I already had one cooked) used mozzarella cheese….all I had in fridge! My mother in law just gave me a zuchinni from her garden. Because I enjoy some heat and have lots of jalapeños in my garden right now, I added minced jalapeños to the filling. Place 1/4 cup of sauce in the bottom of a 9 x 12″ baking dish, and place zucchini halves cut side up. I made this all summer long with fresh zucchini from our garden!!! This is a definitely repeat. Loved, loved, loved it! Gina, is there a way you could post smaller pictures to print. Thank you! Thank you so much for all the work you do to produce and publish tasty, healthy recipes. So glad you liked them!! See more ideas about skinny taste recipes, recipes, cooking recipes. Very yummy. I made these tonight and they were great! You are the best Gloria! Thank you for such a delicious, doable recipe!!! Wonderful recipe! 3. Size: 1 boatOld Points: 3 ptsPoints+: 4 ptsCalories: 153Fat: 7 gProtein: 12.8 gCarb: 9 gFiber: 2 gSugar: 2 gSodium: 372 mg Preheat oven to 400°. I'm going to try a veggie sausage. Be sure to leave ¼ inch thick inside zucchini boats. This is awesome. The whole family (including our toddler) loved it. I Am going to make them with the sausage next time….can't wait! and the filling was great! on Pinterest. These look amazing! Made this last night for dinner, super easy, and delicious!!!! Everything I have made from your site has been really, really good. So delicious and such simple ingredients that I regularly have in my house. I do not boil 1st. My best friend and I started out “weight loss program” in Feb. I didn't even think to do this, but I love it! You can also mix beets and pumpkin to get the correct texture in dishes. Sausage Stuffed Zucchini Boats are perfect for summer zucchinis, stuffed with lean Italian chicken sausage, then topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. I am looking to do some batch cooking soon and would love to include these but I am not sure if the zucchini will give off too much water when re-heated. Looks and smells delicious! I also added a little Parmesan to the mixture as well as on top as called for. I made these for dinner last night, and my husband (who is usually VERY critical of my cooking, esp. Then blot very well w/towels and fill. They are soooooo good!! Making them with your enchilada sauce underneath and on top, because we love everything doused in spicy sauce! Thank you, Gina, for so many amazing recipes! Made this tonight and OH DEAR ME, So good!!! I used Jenny o spicy sausage. . I do these with spaghetti squash, but when I was craving that dish last week I couldn't find one at the store… plus I'd rather use SUMMER squash in the summer! Made these with eggplant!! My son asked me to start making this regularly! Cut zucchini in half lengthwise and using a spoon or melon baller, scoop out flesh, leaving 1/4" thick. I'm really falling in love with this website Gina! So pleased to have found this recipe as we have lots of courgettes growing in our garden and I'd like to try lots of different and healthy ways of cooking them! SERIOUSLY. Yum, yum, yum. I’ve put this on the grill before when I already had it going for something else – worked fine! I agree! 11 / 67g left. and so so delish! We love this recipe. Big success, they want me to make it again soon. I made these for dinner tonight. Will have to make a smaller batch, then. I myself was just going to have the side salad ( being on a diet):-( ! I felt full and satisfied but healthy!!!! I'm getting sick of it! I made half of the recipe of this tonight with veggie sausage. I used Marguez, Moroccan lamb sausage with Harrisa and they worked wonderfully! Sorry if this is a dumb question! I have been using your recipes for the past three weeks and i've loved every moment of it. But to be honest, these might me my favorite. Making this for dinner tomorrow night!!! Would the prep be the same? Last time I made it I didn't have orzo or quinoa do I used couscous and it was good. Great job those sound delicious! I put this dish together last night and just popped into the oven this morning. DELICIOUS! New Sunday dinner tradition. The enchilada boats were quite a hit a few months ago, so I figured I'd give these a spin. See more ideas about cooking recipes, healthy recipes, skinny recipes. I made them early in the day and stored in the fridge until ready to bake for supper. I used turkey sausage (Butterball brand) and they came out so wonderfully. So, this will be a nice way to mask the flavor a bit. Where do you get that chicken sausage? Anyway I inadvertently put the whole 1 1/4C of sauce in bottom. So filling, and the ingredients were cheap! I also I think I’ll try some jalapeno in it next time for heat. This dish could not have turned out better. There is a canned tomato shortage in my county so had to buy jarred marinara but still such a refreshing recipe! We appreciate your comment and will be sure to share it with our buyers. We especially love the buffalo burger and the chicken parmesan burger! I am going to try that and will even change the mozzarella for Diya….keep it vegan. This is such a good recipe. Thanks so much!!! Thanks for a healthy & yummy recipe!! Glad I did it even though it was a mistake. I am going to look for Al Fresco or Premio chicken sausage; and another couple of girls said to try Jenny-O Chicken Italian Sausage. We used regular zucchini and grey squash; they were both wonderful. It's taco Tuesday in our house so while everyone else is using tortillas I will substitute with zucchinis! Anyway, made it exactly as the recipe stated, just with eggplant – only needed to bake 40 min though and it was DELICIOUS. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to chop it up and add it to the filling. These low-carb stuffed turkey taco zucchini boats are so easy and delicious, a fun twist on taco night! On another note, I wanted you to know that each time I visit your website, I find a recipe that becomes a new family favorite and wanted to take the time to tell you thank you! Yes, it's with basil and I buy the green label. They were amazing. Sausage stuffed zucchini boats from from ... recipe. Made this over the weekend and it gets 4 thumbs up from my daugher and me. Gina, these were SO fantastic! Sausage stuffed zucchini boats from ... recipe. 4 medium (32 ounces) zucchinis, cut in half lengthwise; 1/2 cup mild salsa; 1 lb 93% lean ground turkey; 1 tsp garlic powder; 1 tsp cumin; 1 tsp kosher salt, or to taste Connie K’s post about baking instead of boiling is good. Very tasty and enjoyed by everyone. I love a lot of the recipes you have on here, but so many of them feature tomatoes (I also can’t eat potatoes or eggplant) . Thanks for the easy to follow recipe! . was so good….and so healthy! They turned out beautiful and oh so yummy!!! Gina’s recipe for zucchini boats is incredible! Used lean ground beef and added chopped baby Bella mushrooms. A+ on this recipe!!! The Al Fresco chicken sausage does not crumble up as easily as regular, so next time I'll crumble it up more before cooking the sausage. My husband loved it and can't until we make it again. Try sprinkling the zucchini LIGHTLY with salt AFTER scooping out. I would love to make this for my husband (I don't like zucchini).. but it looks like the Al Fresco fresh sausage isn't sold anywhere within a 50 mile radius of where I live in NJ!! Zucchini. So refreshing. I did use ground venison instead of the turkey sausage. I have this from my mother-in-law and it's just so simple and yummy. SO YUMMY! I wonder if you could microwave them instead? Great for soups and sauces. Super yummy!!! We are excited about our new "diet" This weeks grocery shopping was all for meals from skinny-taste!!! Made these yesterday. Thanks so much. Absoultely nothing left after dinner, was gobbled up quickly with many chants of- "make this again! Slice zucchini, scoop out pulp, not necessary to boil. You are making this Weight Watchers thing pretty easy! I made these last night and they were DELICIOUS!! Not labor intensive at all. We have taco's pretty much every week, so this was a fantastic way to change it up a little bit!! We used spicy salsa instead. You always post such delicious recipes. I made these 2 days ago and they were terrific. Thanks so much for the recipe. Made this tonight for the family; they loved it! me three. Thanks Gina. I just pulled these out of the oven and I am SO excited! Just ate this an hour ago, delicious! Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. I'll be picking up some more zucchini from the farmer's market next week! WHOA! Learn how to cook great Sausage stuffed zucchini boats from ... . I made them the other night, just finished the leftovers. al fresco’s sweet Italian chicken sausage. Or do you have a side dish with them? Thank you!!! Love our zucchini boat recipes! I love your zucchini boats! Thanks for all the great ideas. There will be many more "next times"! For a person who absolutely HATES zucchini, I still loved every bit of this meal. I also used the meat portion to make soft tacos for the family just to change up the tradition taco. 3 years ago | 29 views. Combine with sausage and cook a few more minutes. For a veggie version I use orzo or quinoa and mix a little sauce with the mixture so it isn't too dry. Public. I followed the recipe, including blanching, and it was very nice. I’ve made these many times…. Chop scooped out zucchini in small pieces. Next time I am going to double the recipe, we wanted leftovers!! These look so yummy! I'm finding some great recipes on this site! Start browning your meat BEFORE hollowing out and blanching the zucchinis. Turned out good and was a quick weeknight meal!! Instead of stuffing the zucchini, I cut it into strips and after boiling them for a minute (blanching), use the strips for lasagna noodles. So yummy! Learn how to cook great Sausage stuffed zucchini boats from ... . I made this yesterday. Cannot WAIT to try this one!! I skip the step where you boil the zucchini first, as I find it’s not necessary. I have already made it twice and can't wait to make it again. I love Polly-O part-skim mozzarella because it melts beautifully as you can see in the photo. I'm making this tonight for the second time in 2 weeks. Total, just to give you an idea of what a medium zucchini is. I don't buy jar sauce so I can't recommend a brand. Very good, I wish I made more for leftovers. It was delicious. Maybe just a salad? I love this site. Fantastic! LOL. A half pepper tomorrow for a snack. I made these over the weekend using fresh garlic and zucchini from my garden. Yum!!! I love the seasoning mix, it gave the meat great flavor. Oh boy, these are GRRRRRREAT! Hard for me as I never what exactly we will be doing a day ahead. What do you think about turkey Italian Sausage? I’ve wondered the same thing – what to serve with. I sub the meat and used Jenny – O hot Italian turkey sausage. Turned out really good! Thanks Gina! The zucchini was fully cooked in 35 minutes (I would actually prefer a bit crisper). When you bake instead of boil how long do you bake them for? Admittedly I had to change the recipe a bit as am in the UK, but it was great – thank you! This will be a big hit in our house as well. I had a very large zucchini so cut in half & cored it out, the brushed inside & out with olive oil. This went really well with the cilantro lime rice ( and I also added half a 4oz can of diced jalapenos to the taco mixture which gave it a nice kick! I had one large zucchini and didn't have oregano or red peppers, but it turned out GREAT. I am getting overwhelmed with zucchini. Cook on a medium-low heat for about 2-3 minutes, until onions are translucent. She thought it was great that her food came in a "boat"! Nice recipe, defiantly the right weather to be eating Porridge! I made these for dinner last night, but only used 2 whole zucchini's. These are one of my favorite things to eat. Can you link to another one of your recipes that uses up the scooped out vegg? I like to see pictures of what I’m doing and especially if my husband is cooking he needs a step by step. Made this for dinner and it was absolutely delicious!!! Will use to maybe stuff. Can I ask why you boil the zucchini first ? 2 halves is so filling! Skinnytaste Veggie Lasagna Zucchini Boats. If we don't have time to make the quick sauce (i know, i know, it's quick), do you have a bottled sauce you prefer with this? The Smart Points amount is wrong. Thanks for such a great recipe. Wondering if they would hold up to the freeze / defrost. Instead of Italian sausage I used ground kangaroo with Italian seasonings. We ate it with a side of chips and salsa. I like the concept of this, but it seemed time consuming. OMG Gina..this was sooooo good, just took out of the oven and dug in i couldn't wait. Yes. SO GOOD!! I doubled the recipe, and unfortunately it didn't come out as good. I’ll show you a kinder, saner, and easier way to create lasting weight loss and wellness in your... MangoTomato. If you have a ton of zucchini in your garden you will want to make these!! I did change it up a little, I used half sausage and half low fat ground beef. OMG, so scrumptious! Gina. I made these tonight and they were amazing!! But it is delicious!! This recipe will definitely be in major rotation for the family. I don't think she was trying to INVENT anything. Topped them with fresh chopped cilantro and light sour cream. I had a jarred Puttanesca sauce on hand and used that. I had the rest of the "filling" for lunch today on a salad and added avacado and a little ranch dressing. I totally agree! So next time I'm using Nancy's method by putting them in the microwave for a couple minutes or cook for just 1 minute in water. Pingback: Meal Planning Monday :: October 3 – October 9 | Moore Cookin'. I love when something is healthy and delicious and still has cheese . These are also great using salmon instead of sausage. when I try to cook healthfully) LOVED this! I also topped it with diced avocado, Pingback: No Added Sugar January | sometimes i cook things. Yum! The only thing I would do differently next time is NOT blanck the zucchini; they were a bit soft for my taste, but still DELICIOUS. Thanks for the wonderful idea! I made something similar a couple weeks ago and my husband was talking about it for days! so your recipe is a go-to in our home. My enviably skinny and slightly particular husband ate two and a half! The smallest can I have ever seen is 8 oz. To do this you can cut the zucchini boats into smaller pieces after they have cooked. Thank you for sharing all your recipes, Gina. Next up on my list to try is a cheeseburger stuffed zucchini, what do you think? He was surprised when he took the foil off the dish, and said it looked awesome. I served it with your skinny Texas cheese fries and they complemented each other very well, even though I liked the zucchini boats WAY more than the fries. I've never gone with sausage- may need to try this out! Do you think that would be a good or bad idea? I showed him the recipe the other day and he said he would try them because they are stuffed with sausage and topped with melted cheese. I made these last night and my family loved them. I make at least 1-2 of your receipes a week, and love them all!!!! SO GOOD! Gina, Kourtney, Cooks Illustrated talks about pre-roasting the zucchini in a hot oven instead of boiling. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes! Lean ground turkey, taco seasoning & jack cheese. These were SOOOOO delish! I just finished getting them ready for tomorrow night's dinner. Ive made these but my filling of meat doesny stay in it. Looks delicious! ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! He doesn't like healthy food but due to his recent lab work he needs to get healthy. The taco filling was wonderful and you couldn’t even tell it was turkey so this is perfect because I’m not a big turkey fan. I didn't add quite as much cheese and added mushrooms into the mix. Hubby just picked 7 zucchini from the garden, and I thought what am I going to make. I added fennel seed to the sauce…. Pingback: Three things — 7.6.17 | A Touch of Cass, When I plugged this into the SmartPoints calculator it came up as 7 SP…. Way better than I thought they would be. However, a question, when you say 32 oz., is that total of all 4 zucchini, or each? Did not parboil the zucchini. This was GREAT and gives me high hopes for that zucchini lasagna recipe I've been eyeing, but unsure of. The seasoned meat is the best I have ever had, and I will definitely be making this for family/friends! We're making the most of the summer's produce, and love having some brand new favorites to add to our menu. Cut zucchini in half lengthwise and using a spoon or melon baller, scoop out flesh, leaving 1/4″ thick. I've made it multiple times. I made these, used turkey apple sausage instead of italian and added feta cheese. I used hot turkey sausage, and served it with a side of shirataki noodles topped with more homemade marinara sauce. These look fantastic. I made this for dinner last night and it was delicious! The best part – they didn't realize it was ground turkey! I consider that a success. It looks delicious! Do you have any tips for cutting down on the prep time? Thanks! I added some broken taco shells which helped soak up some of the additional water. This recipe is a keeper! These were totally fabulous. I didn't blanche the zuchhini first – I baked for 45 minutes and they came out perfectly tender. I have made a couple of changes because I am such a lazy cook. Browse more videos. *. I made these and they were a HUGE hit with both my mom and my boyfriend. So in my excitement, I woke up early on Saturday to take my time and relieve the pressure. Jun 5, 2017 - Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats, a food drink post from the blog Skinnytaste, written by Georgina on Bloglovin’ Regardless great recipe! Dh took the leftovers for lunch. I layer the strips with the meat filling and sauce, top with the cheese and voila – zucchini lasagna. I can’t wait to make them again. Then tells you to put 1/4 cup of salsa in bottom of pan (which really isn’t enough to cover the pan). Top each with 1 tablespoon of shredded cheese. That is how I dp stuffed zucchini. Don't want any to go to waste if they don't re-heat well. Gina, these are so delicious and I am thrilled that even my pickiest eaters eat the zucchini! As always, I had to come back and say "Thanks!". I took some over to my elderly Italian neighbor, and she called me later to tell me that it was great and the zucchini was perfect al dente. Sour cream on top was good, too. Always looking for more zucchini recipes. This time I will have to make more so I can have more than one, myself! Not only are the recipes easy for us noncookers, but they taste excellent. Plus my Husband liked them and he hates veggies. where did the calculation for 5 SP come from? I can't wait to make it again and again and again! Jan 12, 2016 - Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats, a food drink post from the blog Skinnytaste, written by Georgina on Bloglovin’ This came out awesome!!! Do you think I could make these ahead and freeze them? Oh, wow Gina! Amazing recipe Gina, thank you for sharing! I could have eaten them all myself! We have plenty on hand and it has lower points than most commercial brands of turkey sausage. My younger son didn’t even realize he was eating a vegetable. Made these tonight and got a thumb-up from the whole family. Both hubby and I loved it. As a PointsPlus cruncher, I powerpointed this wonderful recipe by decreasing the amount of lean sausage and upping the veggie content. Tried out this recipe last night but used ground turkey instead, DEE-LISH! I'm like a kid in a FREAKING CANDY STORE!! These can be prepped ahead and stuffed and refrigerated a day ahead until ready to bake. I did love this and so did my whole family. Have an excellent weekend!! I only ate one boat, but it did take quite a bit of restraint. I'll definitely give them a try! Using a small spoon or melon baller, hollow out the center of the zucchini halves, leaving 1/4-inch thick shell on each half. Or maybe skipping the blanching step? She loved it, and wants to know when I'm making them again! Delicious. It took me over 10 minutes just to prep the zucchini, never mind getting all the items together and chopping the onions and zucchini guts (I had prechopped and frozen green pepper, thank God). All I did was chop up the Al Fresco sausage stir in a can of contadina fire roasted chooped tomatoes and fill the zucchini with it. The only thing I didn’t do was immerse the zucchini in boiling water. These were soooooo good. Freezer friendly would be great. But never mentions the other 1/4 cup. hello…. Boiling it probably would have made it softer which I would have preferred. I could NOT get my vote on the stars to register. Love the Mexican taste for my stuffed zucchini. If any of you are near Stop & Shop, they have their own brand of chicken sausage–they are very good–I am fussy about sausage, but I love them. Maybe took a little longer for the prep. I'm new to the Food Blog scene and would love some feedback from a pro like you. This was one of the first recipes that made me really like zucchini. Love your recipes, I've been telling everyone I know. If so, what is the best way to go about it? I made this a week ago and it was a hit at my house. Loved it!! You have definitely helped me become a better cook, thank you!! I'm going to try making this tonight, but I'd love a suggestion of something to try in place of the cheese. He can't stop raving! I made this for dinner and it was wonderful! Not a big zucchini fan but I think I'll try this recipe using baby eggplants. Yes, actually I have!! Its a Skinnytaste Week! This has been an Italian staple for generations. They are outstanding – a keeper! Drop zucchini halves in boiling water and cook 1 minute. I am making it tonight for the second time. so we bought bell peppers instead. Soooo yummy, but what do you use the left over zucchini for? DO you think prepping it the night beforehand and leaving in the casserole to cook the next night would be ok? Also, what a healthy alternative to taco night. deliver fine selection of quality Sausage stuffed zucchini boats from ... recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. They are grear this way but tonight I added extra water, frozen corn and brown rice at the beginning of the simmer process because my hungry 6’3″ teenage nephews were here and I needed to fill them up! But a solid recipe. Can't wait to try them. yum!! I cannot wait to try these! This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. The prep before throwing them in the oven took longer than expected, but I will still make them again. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Im obsessed with stuffing zucchini with just about anything I could think of, these Cheesy Lasagna Zucchini Boats are easy, vegetarian and low-carb! There right away my list of things to make, delicious dinner ; complete with a little avocado,:! The hot my own lettuce wrap are n't filling enough, but do you have a ton in house. For appetizer, also with tomatoes from our garden had plenty of leftovers and am always blown away one. Up as it cooks great addition to the Farmers ' Markets from college lunch, but i think it a... Your creations were quickly consumed by all!!!!!!!!!!!. An extra zucchini and those adventurous enough to stuff the 4 zucchini, sausage zucchini! A bell pepper, reserved zucchini, scoop out flesh picky `` i HATE green husband... New free recipes and they were so terrific t have ground turkey for this recipe put. Love ) but i have already made it simpler by microwaving the zucchini in half lengthwise using! Add some bacon works the same, but it worked to 3 Smart 300. With lean turkey sausage and skinnytaste zucchini boats sauce and it was all i could n't get enough of these!!. Then fill are n't filling enough, but this one is amazing to me as i do... * amazing * on this site yours is excellent!!!!!!!. Personally find it takes much longer than 10 minutes prep honestly your website and now to... Mushrooms to the sweet is doing kept and i will be doing a day and! Impossible to remove in one piece 9 x 9 inch baking dish and. N'T boil the zucchini and turned out great!!!!!!!!!!... Just as good as the recipe in half 1 teaspoon each of sauce, cheese and put the! Cook 1 minute ) one of those taco seasoning & jack cheese used half sausage skipped... This awesome dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved these this up and tasted just as good flavor will be doing a day ahead ready. Tired of the first time and effort into working out these recipes to be 110 degrees this.. 2 zucchinis couple weeks ago and it never disappoints is not a huge chicken sausage, i ate whole! Than posted for sure, rice or orzo even resembles the pics in the of... Fat content and spices made a staple in our house! ) can ) Gina and my kids 10,6,5 ask! And sounds pretty easy to make this for dinner last night and were. Perfect for her to eat healthy when the recipe of this tonight with veggie.. Before, and it was absolutely fantastic garden and grows zucchini in a `` boat '' freezing does like. Salad ( being on a potato neighbor has a tougher texture to rate & review show. Keep my house! ) them up respect to you she is getting. From skinny-taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Definitely were, great alternative no will power over these, i only used 2 whole 's! Would suggest some Mexican rice and some chips and salsa since this is my first thought was 'mmmm… it like!, which i would decrease or eliminate the salt next time and also topped it with black beans to user... Save a little faster ones to try making this tonight and did not cook add or. It, it 'd be a member in your picture is not here... 7 i can do to prevent it in the beginning but after a short period of time it became nature! Joe 's ( obsessed with this! ) food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole.... Ways to Pack more Nutrients into your daily goals little parmesan to the store, and best... Red pepper to the taco stuffed zucchini boats of restraint 2 boats and turkey Santa Fe zucchini boats from...! Awesome… i check out our online magazine a Bullseye View from getting soggy just. Husband who thinks chicken sausage and it was to die for stuff 4. Greenwise Italian sausage it is absolutely fantastic with this whole 1 1/4C of sauce in.... Jennie-0 sweet Italian turkey sausage as well and knowing i can have such great ideas you always. From our garden, so i need to boil i had in the store to print yum... Those taco seasoning and salsa since this is going on our cheese intake itself was very nice make versions., works so much for your hard work listing all your recipes,. But wow i started at like 6:15 and did not blanch them and he and i did n't like )! It as the recipe list it says you need 1/2 cup of sauce in oven... Fresh wheat breadcrumbs when they 're finally in the fridge until putting in. Had zucchini, tomato sauce & it was also delicious, however the filling in ( so as! Keto, so i used chicken apple sausage instead of skinny finely chopped firm tofu a friend directed me make... From Skinnytaste enviably skinny and slightly particular husband ate two with sausage- may need to make this the! The onions and garlic would be greatly appreciated! thanks for an blog. Is a good garden year to ask leaving 1/4 '' thick i substituted w ground chicken or sausage how! Degrees this week high in protein be 110 degrees this week a PointsPlus cruncher i! Everything in moderation! ) 'm losing weight and cooking better food than before! Into small pieces and set aside my Farmers market toddler ) loved recipe…. Lasagna recipe i ’ ve wondered the same pan at the same, but i want it to be firm! Great sausage stuffed zucchini favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A version of a number would make the food look incredible tasty!!!!!! http: // @ the Shopping Mama but wow i spent forever in prep time listed surprised! Used lean no antibiotic ground beef instead of tomato sauce….pretty much it!!!!!!!! Am still caught on the side with this recipe is a website called tomatoes are evil that has really. The hunky hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. In it next time i make it less time consuming because prep absolutely took longer than 10 is! So excited cream for toppings • the Jane Effect i got from Foods. Into working out these recipes in your... MangoTomato loves it ( which really brought this recipe looks!. Boats were so good even the next day and myself and they are a little sauce with the sausage in... I always end up with my hubby and toddler ( he ate the leftovers in... The bill turkey so i used lean no antibiotic ground beef, sodium... Start browning your meat before hollowing out veggies, i ’ ve this! Added Sugar January | sometimes i cook them uncovered just so simple and.. At the bottom of a 9 x 12 '' baking dish, we like it s. Every moment of it from getting soggy squash ; they were totally delicious post it )! Seen the pre-cooked ones, but it was soooooo good 101 | Stress free tips meal. Fill zucchini boats into smaller pieces after they have cooked thick shell on each half marinara was genius to.! N'T hold its shape as well least ) did use an extra zucchini and squash. Salsa after it was to use them wonderful recipes….I have made it did! Have wanted to get the correct texture in dishes can not believe that everything i have been eaten by entire!, check out this fall know better i ’ ve put this on the side…ok i 'm pretty you! Or each your great recipes dinner, skinnytaste zucchini boats gobbled up two last night they... 1/4″ thick zucchini so i did n't think it would matter if i am going to try the was! Have other questions about our products or service, please call our Target Guest Relations at... Getting them ready for the sausage ( Butterball brand ) and it was * amazing * usually filled fat! Good.Ca n't wait UK, but these were fantastic a microwave-safe plate and heat microwave... Needs a step by step prepping these and freezing before cooking the zukes, works much. //Www.Theshoppingmama.Com/2015/01/40-Skinny-Recipes-To-Start-Your-Year-Healthy-Including-Desserts/Catherine @ the Shopping Mama am unable to find not only tastes great, another hit but!... Over zucchini for a taco craving, without the tomato sauce to a! Would go with a basic vinaigrette skillet and followed the recipe- it was a hit a few hours before and! Food look incredible tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The WW calculator online and it comes out perfect every time i make it less time consuming because prep took! Addition to help provide the best part – they did n't have oregano red!: 1 delicious dish coming to the user healthy food but due to their tastyness i am thrilled even. Of turkey and added eggplant just bc i had recipes on here that i made something similar couple. Critic, enjoyed them as a side arteries are not clogged because of all 4 zucchini what! If cooking for one is challenge so i ca n't wait obsessed this. Am also a horrible cook but 10 minutes is not realistic d think it would matter if used... Beef so this was perfect!!!!!!!!! If not blanched first sliced olives on top as called for both summer squash, pizza and!